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Why Choose Strong Hope

Strong Hope is a very special facility that prides itself on its dedication to provide our clients with a unique treatment experience in a Caribbean setting. In this respect we are the only facility that we are aware of that can provide either a full group work programme or a dedicated one-to-one programme using a range of therapeutic models, which we do from two exclusive buildings within our 14-acre, gated estate. Outside of this, here are few other reasons why we feel we should be the treatment facility of choice for the discerning client:

Confidentiality and Security

We understand that for our client group confidentiality and security are paramount. Many of our clients are in the public eye or in positions where any disclosure about coming into, or being in, treatment could be compromising for their reputation, especially if it leads to intrusion from the media, other bodies or the general public. Similarly, we are also familiar with the particular needs of individuals who, simply because of who they are, have special concerns about personal security and about mixing with other people during their treatment.

The team at Strong Hope are experts in helping our clients “disappear off the radar” only becoming visible again once they have returned to life outside treatment. All the staff at Strong Hope are hand picked and bound by the strictest, legally enforceable confidentiality agreements (which have never been broken!). The internal part of the estate is surrounded by a high level security system with access strictly controlled by biometric control gates, which are also manned by our security team.

Our sole occupancy facility and our group programme facility are both set back 400m from the nearest road and shielded by palm trees, some of which reach heights of some 130ft – which means neither facility is visible from the outside except from the air.

Luxurious Environment & Exceptional Client Service

Stepping into Strong Hope feels a little like entering another world. Elegant, yet effortless, set apart from the hustle and bustle of big cities, Strong Hope captures the essence of the tropics and fills the gap between exploration and relaxation. Gorgeously designed bedroom suites look onto natural tropical gullies, which have been subtly modified to provide stunning views of the sweeping landscapes unique to Barbados. Freshwater waterfall ponds featuring koi carp are accessed by covered walkways to view and indulge in the expansive Strong Hope botanical gardens. Private infinity swimming pools with swim jets, heated Jacuzzi spa, tennis court and a state-of-the-art fitness centre all provide our clients with a premium experience along with air-conditioned bedroom suites with marbled bathrooms featuring huge walk-in rain showers and free standing porcelain bath tubs.

Outside of our dedicated support staff the high numbers of our multi-disciplinary treatment team and low numbers of clients means that we provide an incredibly high staff-to-client ratio. This allows our therapists, nutritionists, fitness instructors and doctors etc. to spend a lot of face-to-face time with our clients thereby maximising the opportunities for our clients to get well and have a sustainable recovery.

Individual tailored treatment

Every client receives our world-famous levels of service. At Strong Hope, we treat every client as an individual with his or her own likes, wants and needs. Our team will go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure every moment of our client’s stay is exactly as they wish it would be. This starts with access to the 5-star facilities of IAM Jet Centre. This entitles clients to a fast-track arrival package that includes: concierge reception at the aircraft, escort directly to the IAM Jet Centre private facility by waiting SUV, private immigration and customs processing, private baggage retrieval and porterage and private ground transportation to Strong Hope with a senior member of the team.

Due to the expert psychotherapists’, psychologists’ and psychiatrists’ impressive skill base we are able to meet every client where they are at and provide a tailored addiction programme that can be either cognitive behavioural based or 12-step based depending on the choice of our clients. . Equally importantly though, and unlike many other treatment providers, we treat the underlying reasons for our client’s conditions. If these underlying reasons remain un-addressed, there is a significant risk of relapse after treatment.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE); the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities International (CARF) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has issued standards and guidance to improve the quality of care and support for people with depression, stress, anxiety, addictions and eating disorders. At Strong Hope we follow these person-centred approaches to provide high-quality evidence-based psychological interventions that give our clients the very best outcomes possible.

We know that eating disorders are progressive, debilitating mental health conditions that call for medical, psychological and nutritional interventions.  There are different types of eating disorder, so our National Centre For Eating Disorder-trained staff have different ways of treating them – but broadly speaking, the treatments comprise CBT, CBT-E, mindfulness and positive psychology approaches supported by our nutritionist/dietitian and medical team.

We recognise that successful treatment is not only about psychotherapy and nutrition. While these are important elements, it is also important to consider other essential areas. Unlike most other treatment facilities, we put a strong emphasis on using the natural resources of the island – making activity/adventure-based psychotherapy a core part of our programme.  Unlike most forms of therapy, activity/adventure therapy doesn’t require our clients to spend all their time sitting inside and talking to a therapist.

Like other types of experiential therapy, activity/adventure therapy uses the experience itself to help individuals face and overcome emotional issues, addictions, behavioural problems, mood disorders and many other challenges. It also helps participants develop important life skills that can benefit them throughout their lives. Getting away from the day-to-day pressures of daily life, as well as being surrounded by spectacular natural beauty, breathing fresh air, and listening to the unique and often tranquil sounds of nature, can boost anyone’s spirits and help our clients gain a new appreciation for life. For those recovering from deep emotional wounds, unresolved trauma, depression, stress or the grips of a destructive addiction, activity/adventure therapy can open doors to healing that traditional forms of talking therapy often can’t.

Variable programme durations

Our evidence-based programmes have been constructed to support the time limited needs of our clients while at the same time delivering effective outcomes. We recognise successful business people, media and sports personalities and high-profile individuals often struggle to maintain their mental health in the public eye and as such require a responsive and confidential service that can deliver quickly and effectively.

Our service and treatment programmes are focused on providing the highest confidential assistance to those faced with the struggles and impact of addictions, eating disorders, depression, bereavement, relationship issues, anxiety and stress.  When a crisis arises, we are quick to be there as we realise that without effective management such situations can have a highly damaging effect on all those linked to the client.

Unlike many other treatment providers, we are not fixed on 28 or 90-day programmes and as such we can provide a range of programmes from just our 7-10 day detox programme, to our 14-day assessment and stabilisation programme or our longer programmes of 21, 28, 35 and 42 days.

Although participation in our treatment programmes for 28 days or longer typically means higher success rates in terms of long term recovery, particularly for those that have had long standing problems, treatment of any length is a positive step and we can still support many clients into recovery with our 14 and 21day programmes.

One of the best ways we can assist in helping clients decide about treatment duration is through an pre-admission assessment by one of our highly experienced treatment professionals.. They can advise clients on all their treatment options and even advise what their weekly schedule might be like.

All inclusive cost

Strong Hope is committed to being transparent about its costs. This being the case there are no additional costs added outside the pre-agreed treatment fee for any of the services we provide as part of a client’s core treatment while at Strong Hope.

Unique services

Strong Hope is a progressive developmental treatment provider and is committed to being at the cutting edge of treatment delivery in order to give our clients the best opportunities for sustained healthier lives. In this respect we offer some unique services to our clients that are not found in many, if any, other treatment facilities. Such services include:

Intravenous Vitamins

Vitamins are necessary for the optimal function of our bodies and minds. Most vitamins and minerals are not produced by the body but are taken from the food we consume, but modern methods of farming, processing and packaging have seen the levels of nutrients in food drop significantly but also for many of our clients’ good dietary intake is lacking. Furthermore, poor dietary levels will impact on a client’s cognition and thereby on their ability to benefit from psychotherapy. This being the case, getting our clients physically well as quickly as possible has a multitude of benefits.

Through our intravenous vitamin (IV) programme we can accelerate our clients’ physical wellness – we infuse vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream where they are needed, thereby assisting cells in their optimal function. This gives our clients a body boost when they need it most with personalised IV formulations that are scientifically proven to deliver.

DNA Analysis

Due to the huge range of medicines now available, finding the right medication for a particular client, if required, is often by necessity a process of trial and error. Too many times individuals are told that they will be put on one particular medication and that they will “see how it goes” and if it isn’t working then another one will be tried.

At Strong Hope we can provide all clients with a personal genetic analysis report using the latest technology to test certain genes associated with the metabolising of a range of medicines. Our pharmacological analysis allows the effectiveness of 2300+ drugs to be determined. The fact of the matter is that about 40% of all medications do not work as they should, about 50% of this is to do with genetic defects that inhibit drug degradation. This being the case, should our clients require medication we will have the genetic supporting information with which to advise our psychiatrists and GPs in their prescribing. For those clients already on medication on admission this information is equally helpful as it advises whether this is the most effective.

All clients undertaking our genetic/DNA analysisg will also get a bespoke neutrogenetic meal plan overseen by our lead nutritionist/dietician who will see clients on a one to one basis. Genetic variations affect how our body responds to certain nutrients and food ingredients, and which substances can be converted and used correctly. The neutrogenetic programme analyses an individuals’ genes for prevention of metabolic problems, healthy eating and nutrition. By analysing more than 50 genetic variations, we obtain valuable information about our clients’ innate food strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, another part of the analysis gives insight into 11 metabolic problems considered by the nutritionist to support clients in taking responsibility for preventing and improving their health and wellbeing.

Our dietician/nutritionist will then work in tandem with our chef and GP to ensure that there is a coordinated approach to providing meals that are both nutritious and appealing.

Theracoustic/Sound Therapy

Theracoustic/Sound Therapy utilises sound vibrations to create stages of deep relaxation, meditation and sleep. These non-pharmacological programmes provide clinically proven complementary treatment for stress, anxiety, withdrawal symptoms, and insomnia.  Based on the science of quantum harmonics, developed by Rod Slane, the system focuses on frequencies and, specifically, the ability to utilise alpha, theta and delta frequencies for relaxation and healing. Alpha frequencies wind down brainwaves, lower serotonin levels and spark relaxation; theta frequencies then shift the body into a somnolent, REM-like state, while delta frequencies help regeneration and restoration.

Embedded into our specially designed sound chair, the system harnesses these frequencies and distributes them throughout the body via headphones and precisely positioned transducers.  Rod Slane’s system is tried and tested and has been used in the treatment of US military personnel suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, including soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and is in place at major US facilities such as Fort Sam Houston, Miami’s Veteran Medical Centre, and on US bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. The system is also being embraced by private corporations as a relaxation tool for stressed-out staff. The Star Group, a New Jersey-based marketing company, has installed the system at its staff wellness centre to help employees battle insomnia. “Our firm relies on maximum brain power,” says Star Group chief executive Linda Rosanio, “So figuring out a way to deal with insomnia was particularly important to us.”


One of Strong Hope’s strongest assets is its location. There are many advantages to coming into treatment in the Caribbean. The first is the weather: Barbados weather is generally warm and sunny all year round with an average daytime high of 30°C / 86°F. In fact, Barbados has over 3,000 hours of sunshine each year, which allows us to carry out much of our programme outside Strong Hope’s four walls – the activity/adventure and nature therapy components in particular, but also some 1:1 and group talking therapy sessions, yoga and some of our fitness sessions can be done in our secluded grounds. As the prevailing northeast trade winds blow steadily through Barbados it is bright and sunny but not unbearably hot, with a relatively low humidity and cool nights

Vitamin D is sometimes called the “sunshine vitamin” because it’s produced in the skin in response to sunlight. Research has shown that vitamin D might play an important role in regulating mood and the easing of depression so coming to a treatment centre that is bathed in natural sunlight can be a real advantage in getting well.

As writer Karen Blixen wrote: “I know the cure for everything: Salt water… in one form or another. Sweat, tears, or the salt sea.”

Breathing in salt air daily, swimming in the Caribbean Sea with turtles, doing yoga on our lawns and practicing mindfulness surrounded by hummingbirds… all this is refreshing to the soul and reminds clients that they are alive, and that life is worth living. After breathing city air for several years, the healing benefits and qualities of the natural environment  surrounding, and within, Strong Hope cannot be emphasised enough.

For a Caribbean destination, getting to Barbados is relatively easy. Barbados is easily accessed from the USA, UK, Canada, Europe and South America, with daily direct international flights making getting to the island a pleasant and easy experience. Two scheduled airlines fly non-stop to Barbados from the UK; both flights are under 9 hours. Flights from Frankfurt and Brussels are just over 9 hours and flights from the USA vary between 4-8 hours. Unlike the USA and some other countries, Barbados requires no for entry visa for most nationalities , but we can assist in fast tracking these if it is required.

Barbados is not local to most people and it’s an island. Many other treatment facilities are in or near big cities and relatively close to a clients’ own home. Although there are some advantages to this it nevertheless poses a risk to clients in the form of easy access to risky people and risky places, that in itself may impact on their recovery

For many of our clients, discretion and confidentiality are major concerns, especially if there is likely to be media attention, so being able to come into treatment centre outside of one’s own country and on an island where anonymity can be assured is a distinct advantage.


Although the timeline and duration for each client’s formal treatment will vary, at some point this phase of recovery will approach an end. Our treatment programmes make lasting recovery a priority and therefore we will not send our clients on their way without a solid discharge/aftercare plan, some of which we will fund as part of the client’s core treatment costs.

At Strong Hope we see aftercare as being as important as the residential treatment itself.

One of the reasons that continuing treatment is essential is because the long standing issues that clients present with oftenalter the normal functioning of the brain. Some of these changes do not instantly reverse once the behaviour ends.  Aftercare and relapse prevention is vital to ensure that our clients continue their recovery after returning home. For this reason, we provide tailor-made aftercare programmes for all our clients, which consists of the following.

  • Recovery support phone call from the Strong Hope team a week after discharge, 3 weeks later and then every month for a year after a client has left.
  • If clients do not have a therapist when they come in, we will either provide a Skype session once a month with one of our own therapists or pay for 12 monthly sessions of 1:1 therapy with a Strong Hope-partnered therapist*.
  • If clients do not have a psychiatrist when they come in, and based only on need, we will either provide Skype sessions once a month with one of our psychiatrists or pay for 12 monthly sessions of 1:1 psychiatric support with a Strong Hope partnered psychiatrist*.
  • If clients require a dietitian/nutritionist on discharge, we will source one from our preferred providers list and refer on for further care. Costs for further care in this respect will need to be met by the client
  • If client requires further I-Vitamin treatments on discharge we will source a provider from our preferred providers list and refer on for further care. Costs for further care in this respect will need to be met by the client.
  • If clients require access to 12-Step or SMART recovery groups we will source a list of meetings for them and discuss options for sponsors.
  • For those clients that want to explore sober living companions we will source a provider from our preferred providers list and refer on for further care. Costs for further care in this respect will need to be met by the client
  • Access to a 2-day post treatment recovery workshop back in Barbados (costs available on request)

* If clients already have a therapist/psychiatrist prior to admission the relationship with this professional will continue post discharge including any pre-existing funding arrangements.