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Therapeutic Approach

At Strong Hope we have a very experienced multi-disciplinary team that encompasses many therapeutic approaches.  We recognize that one size does not fit all when it comes to addressing life’s issues.

Different clients with different needs require different approaches at different times.

Strong Hope’s integrative approach draws on different schools of thought and ways of working to produce the most effective therapy for each individual client. We apply these therapeutic approaches to give clients the personalised treatment to suit their needs. These encompass behavioural approaches (e.g. cognitive behavioural and dialectical behavioural therapy), focusing on thoughts and behaviour and psychoanalytic/psychodynamic approaches that explore relationship patterns and less conscious material drawing on childhood experience yet with a strong emphasis on what is happening here and now.

Outside of the above, and for those with an addiction and desire to embrace a 12-Step approach as opposed to a cognitive behavioural one, the Strong Hope team is well versed in the 12-Step model and as such can deliver addiction treatment using this framework if the client desires – supported by attendance at 12-Step meetings on the island.

As part of our treatment package we also offer trauma work and creative therapies (music and art therapy), which are particularly helpful if clients struggle with traditional “talking therapies”.

Mindfulness sessions aimed at “grounding” clients through the day are a core part of the programme together with guided meditation and positive psychology aimed at developing character strengths. There are regular assignments for clients to work on that are specifically tailored around a client’s goals for treatment and non-religious connection/spirituality sessions to attend – these allow clients to appreciate the pleasures in life that they may have lost sight of and connect with themselves and the wider world in a less material or physical manner

Unlike traditional residential treatment that conducts all of its treatment within four walls Strong Hope fully embraces the principles of adventure therapy. The underlying philosophy largely refers to experiential education. Existing research in adventure therapy reports positive outcomes in effectively improving self-concept and self-esteem, help seeking behaviour, increased mutual aid, pro-social behaviour, trust behaviour and more. This, together with access to a range of complementary therapies such a yoga, gives clients a truly holistic package that addresses mind, body and spirit.

At Strong Hope we strongly believe in a balanced programme of one-to-one work and group work is the most effective way to help our clients reach a level of wellness they are looking for within the timespans they can give us. However, for those clients that are just looking for a just a one-to-one programme, we can deliver this at our Barn facility within the Strong Hope estate.

Strong Hope can offer a variety of treatment programmes from 7 days up to 42 days depending on need and client availability.